Built-in Fireplace 2R

Built-in Fireplace 2R


If you are looking to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of a warm fireplace, a built-in bioethanol fireplace is the perfect choice for you. Install it in your living room, in the kitchen, in the dining room, even in the bathroom – ebios-fire® built-in models are fireplaces for “anywhere”.

Bioethanol, a fuel made from renewable resources, burns completely without ash or smoke. This opens up options for diverse room design that would be impossible with a conventional fireplace.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions W/H/D853 / 665 / 450 mm
  • MaterialsSteel, Black glass, Insulation materials
  • Weightapprox. 93.0 kg
  • Burner typeWick Burner
  • Fire lineapprox. 500 mm
  • Filling capacityWick Burner: 2.60 litres
  • Minimum room volume84 m3
  • Minimum room area34 m2
  • Burning durationWick Burner up to 5 hours


  • Nero
  • VAG
Burner Case
  • Powder-coated Nero
Frame Panel
  • Steel black
  • Glass ceramic