Quadra Base

Quadra Base


While evergreen potted plants and monotone flower arrangements used to be a common piece of decoration in living and shopping spaces when ideas were scarce, interior designers and professional furnishers have now discovered a completely new trend: “Flames instead of flowers” is today’s motto for interior design experts.

For small spaces, one of the compact ebios-fire® Design Collection models is the perfect accessory: The Quadra Base. Its clear lines form a stark contrast to the lively dance of the fire, making it a real focal point for any room.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions W/H/D600 / 224 / 292 mm
  • MaterialsSteel, Stainless steel, Heat-resistant glass ceramic
  • Weightapprox. 19.0 kg
  • Burner typeTÜV certified Wick Burner EB 500
  • Fire lineapprox. 500 mm
  • Filling capacity2.60 litres
  • Minimum room volume84 m3
  • Minimum room area34 m2
  • Burning durationup to 5 hours


Burner Case
  • Nero
  • Stainless steel brushed
  • Black